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Cutting machine using skills

Release date[2017-06-09]

  Cutting machine using skills
1) mobile workbench or spindle, according to the distance and the workpiece is correctly selected distance, moving speed, to prevent the collision of moving quickly.
2) programming to determine the processing technology and the correct line according to the actual situation, avoiding the shortage or a workpiece machining position of edge strength is not enough to cause the scrap or early cut off.
3) cut lines must be confirmed before the procedure and the compensation amount is correct.
4) inspection of wire tension enough. In the cutting taper tension should be half tone, as usual.
5) to check the speed wire electrode is appropriate.
6) choose to open or close the machining process according to the actual situation of the product, to avoid interference under the premise to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. Close the processing nozzle and the workpiece, the distance is 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.
7) check the jet choice is whether reasonable, rough machining with high pressure jet, finishing with low pressure jet.
8) has cut should observe the judging process stability, defects timely adjustment.
9) processing process, often on the cutting conditions for inspection and supervision, found the problem immediately.

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