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Explain the process of mould making

Release date[2017-06-09]

  In die industry is in commonly used products,die cutter generally used for stamping out the required cutting product shape. Laser knife mold price cheap, but poor accuracy, carving knife mold slightly higher prices, but its precision is high, can reach ± 0.03MM. Applicable industries including electronic materials, printing and packaging, plastic packaging, leather, toys, car, decoration, rubber products, EVA and all kinds of foam, precision electronic gasket, Mylar film, name plate, flexible circuit board etc.. Explain the process of mould making.
  The paper: administrator reinforced knife mold and corresponding paper to compare, check the radian whether tallies with the paper lattices, or repair. Bending mode: bending dies in paper lattice shape using the bending die machine will have good material bent, and the paper lattices radian.
  Hard: knife mold checked entirely correct for hardening, and the requirement of hard when the execution. Hardened after into the cold water to quench water. The finished knife mold repaired again with the paper compare, check: check the radian, knife, knife, needle, corns, etc., in compliance with the requirements.
  The sword will die at the shop door, notify the cutting workshop Daomo administrators and office, at the same time, the paper returned to the office, the CD bed die cutter administrator according to the corresponding paper lattice knife mold inspection, no error. By the production manager for knife mold trial, qualified will be listed in "the knife mold control list", to meet the need of production..including electronicincluding the electronicincluding the electronincluding electronincludes electronic.

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